Video Transcript

[Vision: Construction workers and a visitor walk through a construction site.]

[A job helps to create security and certainty for you]

[Vision: Female construction worker listens and smiles.]

[Vision: Waiter sets a plate on a long banquet table.]

[Vision: Happy factory workers putting on personal protective equipment.]

[and the people you love the most.]

[Vision: One of the factory workers at home with his family, grandparents and a baby.]

[Vision: A cook places sausage rolls on a food tray.]

[As our economy rebuilds]

[Vision: The cook looks into the camera and smiles.]

[Vision: A professional worker smiles into the camera.]

[Jobs Victoria will make sure more Victorians]

[Vision: Office worker, working at a computer.]

[Vision: Office worker smiles to the camera.]

[can rely on a decent, steady job.]

[Vision: Sweeping panoramic view of farmland]

[Vision: Gardener tending to some flowers.]

[If you’re a jobseeker looking for work]

[Worker empties a crate of onions]

[Apple is picked in an orchard]

[Vision: Warehouse worker takes a pipe from a warehouse shelf]

[Vision: Warehouse worker smiles at the camera]

[or an employer hiring staff]

[Vision: Two female office staff walk in an office corridor, talking.]

[Vision: The two office workers discuss a task at an office cubicle.]

[we’re here to help.]

[Vision: Office worker working on her computer.]

[Vision: Office worker smiles to the camera.]

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