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[Vision:  Alana at desk writing]


So I applied for roughly 60 to 80 jobs for about eight to nine months before I had my first proper opportunity come back.


[Vision:  Peter shaking hands with Stephen]

The first time we talked I know this guy is - he’s a good man.


[Vision:  Duveen and Shanika talking]

So I was very happy, very relieved, felt like first time that we’re going to be okay.


[Vision:  Andrew Bulmer on phone]

When I got the call I was very excited.

[Vision:  Rodney speaking]

I actually ran around like a little school girl telling my family that I’ve got a job.


[Vision:  Mike being dressed for interview]

I felt fantastic.

I felt like a bloody ripper.

[Vision:  Mike speaking]

I felt like for the first time in my life people are going to take me seriously.

[WORK WITH ME - Shine]


[Vision:  Pasture at dawn - Rodney getting ready for work]

Our business operates 24/7.

Our harvest crews kick off really early in the morning here.

[Vision:  Rodney working on farm - Andrew and Rodney on farm]

When I want to know what’s happening in the paddock, Rod’s one of the very first people that I go out and engage in that space.

He has got his finger on the pulse.

He knows exactly what’s happening.

So I’ve changed position, I was very physical, now I’m a lot more upstairs thinking and planning.

[Vision:  Rodney speaking - plants - Andrew and Rodney talking on farm]

It’s totally new, very foreign, but exciting at the same time, just because I like to learn, I like to challenge myself there.

[Vision:  Andrew and Rodney at table discussing farm matters]

Well we started this morning with the spinach guys at 6:00am and we seem to be heading along all right.

Andrew Bulmer - Managing Director - Bulmer Farms

I’d like to think within another 12 or 18 months he could be managing the whole of the harvest group, and the sky’s the limit from there really.

This is a guy that wants to keep growing.

[Vision:  Andrew speaking]

He wants to take on further education, and we’ll provide him those opportunities moving forward.

[Vision:  Paddocks and plants - Andrew and Rod discussing farm]

Having someone like Rod engage in my business gives me peace of mind that I know that everything’s going to be fine.

[Vision:  Andrew and his daughter walking]

And that allows me, at the end of the day, to spend more time with my family.

[Vision:  Rodney walking into building - Rodney speaking]

My future now is very bright.

This job’s just opened up a lot of pathways for me and I plan to take advantage of them.

[Vision:  Plants on conveyor belt - Andrew talking with staff members - Rodney looking at farm]

Rod’s about one of nine people that we’ve got involved in this program here at Bulmer Farms through Jobs Victoria, and this program’s delivered fantastic win-wins.

[Vision:  Rodney speaking

If anyone was out there that’s in a similar situation to myself, just keep trying, just keep trying, eventually you will get a job.

[Vision:  The Long Paddock - Andrew and Rodney speaking over coffee]

Rod’s become a fantastic asset for Bulmer Farms.

We need more Rodneys.

And when he first kicked off in the business he was reasonably shy.

He kept to himself.

As Rod’s grown he’s also opened up.

He has got a caring nature about him and I think that’s what makes him a really great human being.

[Vision:  Interior of car]

Andrea - Alana’s mother

Here we go, good luck.

Thanks mum.

Call me when you’re ready I’ll be waiting.


[Vision:  FoodWorks building]

It’s a place that was kind of nearby to my house, and I’d gone there at time to time.

[Vision:  Alana speaking]

But when you walk in knowing you’re going for a job interview it felt like a brand new place.

[Vision:  Alana walking into interview]

I walked in there feeling actually really confident about it and really hopeful.

It felt like that perfect job for me.

Hi.  I’m Alana.

Braydan Rodgers - Store Manager, Williamson’s FoodWorks

When Alana first walked into the interview she came across as a very bright and bubbly, and a very approachable person which was - it was exactly what we were looking for in a customer service role.

[Vision:  Alana pinning on nametag]

Yeah I got the job and I kind of played it really chilled but I was like really excited inside.

[Vision:  Alana working at checkout]

Now that I’m earning money and I can pay rent, and I feel like I’m actually helping out my mum.

[Vision:  Alana stacking shelves]

It’s weird to say that, like, working has made me love myself more, but yeah, it’s let me appreciate who I am a bit more.

[Vision:  Alana speaking]

I feel like employment, it’s opened up so many opportunities for me.

[Vision:  Alana gaming]

For me gaming is also a really big part of who I am and what I do, and it became something that gave me self-worth.

[Vision:  Alana speaking - Alana working at computer - photograph of Alana and others at gaming event]

And I decided to pursue it a little further and I started to build a community in my local area for video games, and met up with a few other people that were just as passionate, and we created a gaming event.

[Vision:  Alana and boyfriend]

[Vision:  Alana in her room]

It’s a pretty full-on thing and it’s given me a lot of experience around event running, and almost kind of made me realise what my passion is, which is being around other young people and doing events for them.


[Vision:  Shanika walking to her desk]

When I went to work the first day I was very happy.

[Vision:  Shanika working]

I enjoyed the work a lot.

And this year they gave me a promotion as the accounts manager.

[Vision:  Shanika speaking]

I’m so grateful for this program run by Jobs Victoria, that helped me get my life back in every way because when you’re a single mum job is the most important thing.

[Vision:  Shanika and Duveen walking on beach]

You need that for everything else to fall in place.


[Vision:  Duveen hugging his mother]

My mum is a really strong woman.

She’s gotten us through a lot.

She’s an amazing person.

I’m really proud of us for being able to get through it.

[Vision:  Shanika speaking - pendant]

Duveen and I both feel this is our home, and it’s going to be great.

[Vision:  Shanika speaking]

We’re both very happy that we moved to Australia and that everything is good.


[Vision:  Stephen in morning looking over water]

That morning it was big morning.

I’ve been on a long journey.

[Vision:  Stephen speaking]

I’m still carrying the burden of refugee camp life in my body.

[Vision:  Stephen driving - photograph of Stephen in refugee camp - Stephen speaking]

I was nervous but because I’m a man that’s been standing in front of thousands, I believe in my confidence that morning.

[Vision:  Stephen arriving for interview]

We had over 60 applications, and we only interviewed four people and Stephen was one of those people.

Dr Carole Broxham - CEO - Moe Life Skills Community Centre



How are you?

Good.  Please come through.

[Vision:  Stephen smiling]

I received a call, you get the job, you succeed.

[Vision:  Stephen speaking]

I say wow, this is good news.

[Vision:  Peter and Stephen at table]

I told this first to Peter.

After Stephen told me about his job he sent an email.

It actually said, … “and Peter I’d like to thank you my brother.”

[Vision:  Peter speaking]

It still brings tears to my eyes when I see it now that, you know, it’s so rewarding.

[Vision:  Stephen speaking]

I’m very happy that I got this job at last.

It’s already changed my situation.

Life is good.

[Vision:  Stephen working with client - Dr Carole Broxham speaking]

One of the things that we noticed when he first started with us is his ability to engage very directly with individual clients.

[Vision:  Stephen talking with client]

The people that I work with they are the people who are in my heart.

[Vision:  Stephen speaking]

I’ve been in that pain.

[Vision:  Stephen working with client]

I know how they are so I’m very happy to work with them.

[Vision:  Dr Carole Broxham speaking - Stephen balancing ball on his head]

I think as Stephen as become more comfortable we see a relaxed Stephen, and we are very much looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Stephen.

[Vision:  Stephen with his children playing]

If they can get work it changes their life and in this case with Stephen it shows.

It shows right through his family.

To have a family, to have children, they are always be a joy to me.

[Vision:  Stephen speaking]

They made me smile even though I’m sad, you know.

[Vision:  Stephen greeting Peter at home]

It’s just a good story of looking after each other, you know, and supporting each other.

[Vision:  Stephen in church]

A person can do things.

Hope is on your table so don’t lose hope.

[Vision:  Congregation singing]

Georgia Matterson - Regional Strategic Manager - Adecco Australia

[Vision:  Mike’s house - Antoinette and Mike at table]

We were contacted by the Premier’s Job Bank initiative and had a case and it was Mike.

[Vision:  Mike walking upstairs]

How he’d gone through the system and the email that just broke my heart.

And we created a position for him.

[Vision:  Georgia speaking]

The second he walked into our office it was like he’d been here for 10 years.

[Vision:  Mike walking upstairs - Mike speaking]

My first day at Adecco was absolutely fantastic.

I felt like I was in some wonderful, beautiful, welcoming tea party.

[Vision:  Mike on phone]

Is it Alyssa you normally deal with is it?

My title at Adecco is Associate Consultant.

[Vision:  Mike speaking on phone]

So I help out around the office.

[Vision:  Mike speaking]

I answer the phone, boom, you know, you need something I’m your guy.

[Vision:  Mike greeting new employee]

How are you going?

Welcome to Adecco.

My name is Mike, lovely to meet you Tom.

[Vision:  Mike helping Tom with registration]

We would induct 50 people a week and Mike assists them with their registration.

[Vision:  Georgia speaking]

We’ve honed in on what he’s awesome at, and he’s awesome at people.

[Vision:  Mike talking with Tom]

Just take you time.

No pressure.

[Vision:  Mike speaking]

I feel great.

[Vision:  Mike and others in kitchen chatting]

I’m really happy in that job, you know, I feel included and I feel like people actually acknowledge me as a person.

Antoinette - Mike’s mum

The changes in Michael have been extraordinary.

As soon as he started with Jobs Victoria he - I say we got our old Michael back.

[Vision:  Georgia talking with Mike]

He lights up a room.

He’s just happy to be here.

He’s happy to be with us.

[Vision:  Georgia speaking - file drawer opening and Mike filing]

The fact that we were able to just create something that was a little bit different, it’s just about tweaking the learning style, or how he receives it.

[Vision:  Georgia speaking]

Mike has humbled us beyond words.

[Vision:  Mike greeting a man and talking with him]

Our job somewhat becomes transactional.

[Vision:  Georgia speaking]

We are in a position to change someone’s path, and what Mike has done for our business and our culture, we’re forever grateful.

[Vision:  Mike driving]

I feel like I’m going to end up being all right for myself.

I’ve got my car.

You know, I’ve got a job and I’m looking to just be happy, you know, that’s my life’s ambition is to be happy.

[Vision:  Antoinette speaking]

Mike’s talking about where he sees himself in five, 10, 15 years’ time, and that’s huge.

That is enormous.

[Vision:  Mike working]

Without the program I don’t know what future he would have had to be honest.

[Vision:  Antoinette speaking]

And it’s not just kid’s life that it transforms, it’s transformed out lives and our relationship with him is all about what he’s doing and where he’s going to take it, and knowing that he will be fine.

[Vision:  Mike speaking]

I’m in a very good place at the moment.

And I’m very happy with myself these days.

If I was any more happy with myself there’d be two of me.

[Vision:  Alana sitting on fountain wall - Alana speaking]

I feel like employment, it’s opened up so many opportunities for me, and it’s made me feel like I’m in control of my life now.

[Vision:  Shanika and friends chatting - Shanika and Duveen - Shanika speaking]

My advice for anyone who is in my situation is to ask for help, because something will lead you to the next step, and something good will come of it.

[Vision:  Rodney driving forklift - Rodney speaking]

Don’t worry about the rest of the world and what they’re doing.

And just don’t lose focus on what it is that you want.

[Vision:  Stephen walking - Stephen speaking]

Even though you don’t have something to do or a job, knowledge is always with you.

[Vision:  Stephen walking]

Keep going, you will have job tomorrow.

[Vision:  Mike swimming in pool - Mike speaking]

I want to share my story with other people just to show you that not all hope is lost.

[Vision:  Mike answering phone]

Welcome to Adecco, Mike speaking.

Yep.  How can we help you today?

[If you are seeking employment or looking for staff we are here to work with you -]

[The producers would like to thank the participants and their families for sharing their stories.]

[Thanks to the employers: Adecco Australia; Bulmer Farms; Moe Life Skills; PT Hydraulics Australia; Williamson’s FoodWorks]

[Thanks to our Jobs Victoria Partners:  Workways Australia; Orygen Youth Health and Headspace; East Gippsland Food Cluster; Australian Multicultural Community Services; Wear for Success]

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