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[Vision:  Total Window Concepts factory building]

Mary Campbell - Owner, Total Window Concepts

My husband Greg started this business 20 years ago.

It started off as a small business of 19 people, one factory, two products.

[Vision:  Various views of staff working producing blinds - aerial view of factory]

Over the next 19 years the business grew into over an excess of 300 employees, 16 factories, over nine products.

[Vision:  Mary Campbell speaking]

And we’ve grown to be the largest manufacturer of blinds in Australia.

[Vision:  Various views of staff working producing blinds]

Our priority is the commitment to Australian made products, employing Australians.

We’ve been really fortunate that Jobs Victoria have been able to assist us with this.

We’ve already employed four people, and we’re looking to employ another 15 in the near future.

[Vision:  Mary Campbell speaking]

They’ve got people who are really ready and willing to work, and the match up of skills has been really exciting, that they’ve listened to what our brief is and been able to provide that.

[Vision:  Laddaaporn working]

Laddaaporn Kuntavong - Employee, Total Window Concepts

I was working at Toyota Boshoku and they closed they shot down out and can’t sleep too, and keep thinking, thinking how can have job.

So it’s not easy to find job now.

It was very lucky for me to have job here.

[Vision:  Various views of staff working - Mary Campbell speaking]

We’re very multicultural and very diverse, and we’ve got people from so many countries.

Once they saw that there are people from all around the world here, and that there is a place for everybody, and that you’re embraced and valued and, you know, it’s a happy place, I think that they sort of felt more relaxed about it all.

[Vision:  Laddaaporn speaking - Mary speaking with Laddaaporn]

Love the conditions, and the place, and the boss, the friends, all experienced people teaching me.

[Vision:  Mary Campbell speaking - staff working in factory]

I would definitely recommend Jobs Victoria to other employers because they’ve been a wonderful marriage really.

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