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Youssef Batal - Apprentice Carpenter, AGA Apprenticeships Plus

I was working for Toyota for five years.

And when they made announcement, I just thought “My God, what do I do now, you know, what can I do?”

[Vision: Youssef working with timber and hammer]

I was worried about the payments, the money, you know, you’ve got two boys, you’ve got a mortgage.

[Vision: Youssef speaking]

I need to learn a trade.

I’ve always wanted to learn something.

I’ve always wanted to do something, and I thought I’ll take a punt.

[Vision: Youssef working with timber and hammer - Youssef speaking with Rob]

Rob Paladino - Field Officer, AGA Apprenticeships Plus

So someone like Youssef, obviously has come along and said, “Hmm, I’ve been in the auto trade, on the line for quite a while.”

“I’ve got a really good work ethic.”

So we’ve said, “Well, we’ll interview you and if you’re suitable we will get you employed,” which we did.

[Vision: Rob and Youssef working through workplace - Rob speaking]

So we employ them, we pay them, send them out to a host employer and they’re responsible for helping us to supervise and train them onsite.

[Vision: Youssef speaking]

Jobs Victoria and AGA, they’ve been really, really incredible.

[Vision: Youssef and Rob working with timber]

They really have, from schooling to even trade loans.

[Vision: Rob speaking]

Jobs Victoria relationship has been great.

[Vision: Youssef working with timber]

So it started probably back in 2017 and they contacted us with regard to assisting primarily the Toyota car manufacturing plant closing.

[Vision: Youssef speaking]

I take pride in my work, and whatever it is, I really want to learn as quick as I can, but at the same time, making sure that I do learn the proper ways.

Jon Dawson - Host Employer, Casello

So he’s been with us just over five or six weeks I think at this stage.

[Vision: Youssef working with timber]

His work’s a good quality and his attitude’s fantastic.

He’s got a basic knowledge of hand tools, power tools, timber, he’ll expand on that more.

[Vision: Youssef speaking - Youssef working]

There was challenges, and there was a few things that are sometimes a bit hard to speak up about, basically saying it out to somebody that, “Hey, you know what, I’m Muslim, I need to pray.

[Vision: Youssef speaking]

I’ve got Friday prayers as well, would it be OK to go for a couple of hours to pray, or do things like that?”

And I found, you know, support.

[Vision: Rob speaking - Youssef posing for photograph in workshop]

He’s been great for us, and having him retrenched from the auto trade was probably a gift for him, because he’s been able to now look at a new career, and I think it’s one he’s got a handle on.

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