Video Transcript

Jai Nadjamerrek - Park Maintenance, Citywide

My name is Jai.

I work with Citywide in Port Melbourne.

[Vision:  Jai working]

It’s a good place to work.

[Vision:  Jai pushing wheelbarrow]

I enjoy working outdoors.

Damien Connell - Operations Supervisor, Port Phillip Natural Heritage Areas, Citywide

[Vision:  Jai working]

Jai’s a great worker.

He gets along really well with all the crews.

[Vision:  Damien speaking]

So not only does he work with bush crew mainly, but he also works with the mobile horticultural crews.

He gets along with all the different guys and girls that we have on our contract.

[Vision:  Jai speaking]

I grew up in Oenpelli.

It’s a small remote community.

[Vision:  Jai working]

I finished school and started working as emergency services at the mine.

[Vision:  Jai speaking]

Yeah, I did, like, 12 months and I went back at my mum’s homeland and working as a ranger.

I moved to Melbourne before Christmas.

[Vision:  Jai working]

My brother-in-law said ”I can help you.”

[Vision:  Jai planting plant]

Then we went to The Huddle, talked about which job that I wanted.

[Vision:  Jai speaking]

And I told them that I wanted to work outdoors.

And they were like, “Oh that’s Citywide.”

[Vision:  Jai working]

‘It’s a good job to work outdoors.”

[Vision:  Damien speaking]

We’ve got a commitment to get a diverse group of working individuals throughout our organisation.

[Vision:  Jai working - Damien speaking]

We were approached by The Huddle, The Brotherhood of St. Lawrence, and Jobs Victoria.

[Vision:  Jai working]

The Huddle, they helped me with the resume.

[Vision:  Jai speaking]

I did practice interviews with one of the ladies, and I did it like a hundred times.

[Vision:  Damien speaking]

They gave him the confidence and leadership to point him in the right direction.

[Vision:  Jai working - Jai speaking]

You have to, like, just be focused and just look at what you really want to do.

[Vision:  Jai working]

Like which job that you really want to work.

[Vision:  Jai speaking]

Talk to a few people and few people can help you to get a job.

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