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Jobs Victoria Working Stories: On the fast track to a new career

Hung Dang

My name is Hung Dang and I’m working at BMW South Yarra.

[Vision:  Hung Dang working on car]

So my job is apprentice and my main daily job is to service cars and do wheel alignments and to learn more advanced stuff.

Leigh Hughes - Workshop Manager - BMW South Yarra

With motor trades closing down in Victoria there was a number of staff that were out and there and that were looking for opportunities as mature age apprentices.

[Vision:  Hung Dang working on car]

I work for Toyota over five years.

[Vision:  Hung Dang speaking]

That ended because they shut down all the companies which go overseas, it was really not good.

You see your workmates, everyone is stressing.

Even yourself you’re stressed, like you don’t know what’s going to happen, how you’re going to pay your bills.

[Vision:  Hung Dang working - Hung Dang speaking]

I did a lot of online applications, didn’t get interviews and didn’t get no reply.

[Vision:  Hung Dang working on car - Hung Dang speaking]

My sister went to this job seminar, she told me about this new government incentive and then I called that number which got me in contact with AGA.

Adrian O’Brien - AGA

[Vision:  Hung Dang working on car - Adrian O’Brien speaking]

We partner up with Jobs Victoria to help candidates through the automotive programs into full-time apprenticeships, and ideally become qualified fairly quickly because we want them to be on wages that are practical and sustainable for their families.

[Vision:  Adrian O’Brien speaking with Hung Dang]

They’ve been really supportive.

Adrian, my case study manager, he’s been very helpful.

[Vision:  Hung Dang speaking]

If I ever have any problem I just call Adrian.

[Vision:  Adrian O’Brien speaking with Hung Dang]

Yeah, he worries about my pay, he worries about any issues that I have.

[Vision:  Leigh Hughes speaking with Hung Dang]

BMW South Yarra has been very supportive.

[Vision:  Hung Dang speaking]

They schedule me to go to training school, trade school.

[Vision:  Leigh Hughes speaking]

He’s very passionate about his work, yeah.

[Vision:  Leigh Hughes teaching Hung Dang]

He’s always asking questions, wanting to learn more, and always wanting to get in and help the guys on the bigger jobs.

[Vision:  Hung Dang working on car]

Lucky it was only roughly eight months unemployed.

[Vision:  Hung Dang speaking]

If it was any longer it wouldn’t be good.

Don't give up, just follow what makes you happy.

If I can do it trust me you can too.

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