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Iffath Afroze - Higher Education Co-ordinator, Global Business College

My name is Iffath Afroze, and I work at Global Business College of Australia as a Higher Education Co-ordinator.

I look after the higher education applications that our college is making, and I make sure that we comply with all the regulatory requirements.

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I’ve had four years of experience working as a company secretary back in India.

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And when I first came to Australia that line of work that I wanted to continue, but I had a hard time finding job.

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I’ve been looking actively from September 2017.

And I’ve been making applications almost every single day.

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I was trying to be really patient and positive.

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I knew this was going to be difficult.

But with every passing day it was getting more difficult.

I was thinking of all possible things that I could do to get a job, maybe study further, which I was already doing, create a network and things like that.

I was working on all those things but nothing really worked for me.

I was making applications but I had no response coming in except for rejection.

So I thought maybe the job market isn’t really big here.

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Then I joined Jobs Victoria Workshop.

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I found out about it online and then finally, I think just after a month, I got a job here.

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They just said … he told us a lot about the job market in Australia and that really gave me confidence that, you know, there is hope for me.

And then this opportunity came across.

He really trained us with interviews and, you know, building up our resume.

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I feel like I’m in a really good place now.

My life is moving in the direction I visioned when I was first moving in.

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So I think it was worth the wait.

It was worth all the hard, I mean, you know, the patience and the energy I had to put in.

To wake up every morning and go apply jobs, I think it was worth it.

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