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[Cross Yarra Partnership is working with Jobs Victoria to support priority jobseekers to get employment on the Metro Tunnel Project, Victoria’s biggest ever public transport project]

[Vision:  Time lapse view of construction]

It takes more than someone digging in the dirt to build a tunnel.

[Vision:  Staff members talking]

Lexie Walter - MetroHub Manager, Cross Yarra Partnership

You need a whole team to be able to design and make sure that we can do it safely.

[Vision:  Cross Yarra Partnership sign on door]

[Vision:  Sian working at computer]

Sian Prangnell - Communications & Stakeholder Engagement, Cross Yarra Partnership

I’m in a support role for the communications and stakeholder engagement team.

[Vision:  View of construction site]

I work in the office and I also go to each different precinct and work on different sites.

[Vision:  Lexie speaking]

Sian is doing an absolutely fantastic job.

She’s learning a lot of new skills.

[Vision:  Sian discussing matters with staff]

She’s also engaging with the Information Centre, doing some of the distribution jobs with stakeholders.

[Vision:  Sian speaking]

People told me that I was probably not going to get very far, so I felt like that kind of made me feel as though I wasn’t going to go any further than where I was when I left school.

[Vision:  Sian working at computer - Lexie speaking]

Sian was engaged through our Professional Pathway Program, which was an arrangement with ourselves, Whitelion, Jobs Victoria to provide a program for people who were looking for experience.

[Vision:  Sian speaking]

I attended the Pavilion School.

It’s a school that supports kids who haven’t exactly had the best start or time throughout high school, and that’s how I came into contact with Whitelion.

[Vision:  Lexie speaking with White Lion support member - Sian speaking]

I had a lot of struggle with finding and gaining employment.

I had no idea what I wanted to do.

And, then I spoke to my Whitelion support worker.

[Vision:  Sian speaking]

They helped me find new job opportunities and helped me through the process of going to interviews and getting the job.

And then whilst I’m in the position they also give me support around, you know, if I have issues in the workplace or issues just within myself that I need help with.

[Vision:  Lexie speaking - Sian working at desk and speaking with staff]

I think the biggest satisfaction comes from giving someone an opportunity that didn’t have that opportunity, and then seeing them grow.

[Vision:  Sian speaking]

So if you ever feel like you can’t get anywhere you need to stop telling yourself that, because anyone can do anything, you just need to focus on where you’re trying to go.

Even if it’s just a little step like getting out of bed, I feel like that’s probably one of the biggest things that people can do is get up.

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