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Elli - Crossing Supervisor, City of Port Phillip

I came by myself to Australia.

I didn’t know anybody.

[Vision: Elli working at crossing]

It was difficult finding something that I wanted.

I was working as a waiter, customer service, working at night, which I didn’t like it being in hospitality.

[Vision: Elli speaking]

Susan Attrill - Employment Consultant, Jewish Care

I’m Susan Attrill, and I’m an employment consultant at Jewish Care’s employment centre.

[Vision: Susan and Elli at crossing talking]

Through our partnership with Jobs Victoria, we assist disadvantaged job seekers.

The restaurant closed about April.

I was out of work.

[Vision: Elli working at crossing]

Well I think he knew about us through the Jewish community.

[Vision: Susan speaking - Elli working at crossing]

He came to us because he was struggling with finding work being a man in his seventies, his options were limited.

[Vision: Pedestrians crossing road at crossing and talking to Elli]

The age barrier, every interview that I went to, they said the qualification we have never seen anything like that, but we know we want long career.

[Vision: Elli speaking - Elli working at crossing - Susan speaking]

We worked with him one-on-one, helped him with job applications, referred him to certain jobs, and he attended our two-day tools and techniques for job-seeking workshop.

[Vision: Close view of Elli’s Crossing Supervisor vest - Elli smiling]

So I went to this job search, how to create a CV and all that.

[Vision: Elli speaking]

It was a beautiful day and here I am.

[Vision: Children crossing sign - stop sign]

And this is the passion.

This is what I like.

[Vision: Elli working at crossing]

They kept on persisting, calling me to help out.

The organisation is impeccable.

They are fantastic.

I love it.

I love it.

[Vision: Elli speaking]

I get up in the morning with a smile that says this is what I’m going to do today.

[Vision: Elli smiling and working at crossing, giving a boy a high five - Susan speaking]

It’s been such a pleasure just seeing him this morning and he seems to know everybody in the community and it seems like he’s brought something extra.

[Vision: Susan and Elli smiling for camera at crossing]

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