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Deborah Uwimbabazi - Customer Service Consultant, ANZ

My name is Deborah Uwimbabazi.

I was born in Congo.

[Vision: Deborah speaking with someone in booth]

I came to Australia in 2016.

[Vision: Deborah speaking]

Finding work here can be a bit stressful.

[Vision: Deborah in booth speaking with someone]

You’re applying for different jobs and get knocked down, and they say, “No we don’t have anything.”

And at the end of the day you feel discouraged.

[Vision: Deborah speaking]

You don’t know exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Melanie Smith - Service Team Leader, ANZ

[Vision: Melanie speaking with Deborah while walking through office]

We’ve got three employees who came through one of the programs called Given The Chance that we do in partnership with Brotherhood of St Laurence and Jobs Victoria.

Deborah was recruited through the Brotherhood for about a year.

[Vision: Melanie speaking]

She was just really energetic and she interviewed really well.

[Vision: Deborah talking on phone and speaking]

They told me that they are hiring so you can bring up your resumes for the bank.

I started hesitating because I was like I don’t have any experience, look at me I’ve been having interviews every day and it’s not promising.

[Vision: Deborah working at desk - Melanie speaking]

A lot of our recruits don’t have any banking background or they haven’t studied finance or anything like that, so she came having no banking experience.

[Vision: Deborah speaking - Deborah working at desk and speaking with Melanie]

They just want you as you, who you are, just be honest, be yourself.

[Vision: Melanie speaking]

Through dedicated coaching, through myself and other coaches, we were able to get her up to speed to where she needed to be.

[Vision: Deborah working at desk]

The first couple of months was really challenging.

I knew nothing about banking.

[Vision: Deborah speaking]

Even though it was challenging I had really huge support.

[Vision: Melanie working on whiteboard and Deborah at desk in the background working]

They supported me in every way and they make sure that I’m on the level with other consultants.

[Vision: Melanie speaking]

They learn a bit about all of the systems and all of the processes and products that we have, and then they go off and do bigger and better things.

[Vision: Deborah looking at ANZ whiteboard]

We recently made her permanent through ANZ.

[Vision: Deborah working at desk and being coached by Melanie]

Where I am today, they invested in me a lot.

[Vision: Deborah speaking]

Things can turn around in just a minute.

[Vision: Deborah walking through office - Deborah speaking]

Believe in yourself, don’t hesitate to ask because that’s where you get those opportunities.

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