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Evelyn Habel - Food Pantry Assistant, Lyndoch Living

[Vision: Evelyn walking into Lyndoch Living and walking through the facility]

When I first came here I was very mesmerised.

[Vision: Evelyn speaking]

It was a bit daunting at first because I didn’t know what sort of thing I was going to get into.

[Vision: Evelyn looking up and smiling - Evelyn speaking]

Once the staff started talking to you, and helping you, and they just made you feel part of the team, and within the first week I gained enough confidence to keep going.

Julie Baillie - Director of Nursing, Lyndoch Living

[Vision: Entrance to Lyndoch Living - views of wombat mural, lights, brochures]

We’re a large residential aged care facility.

[Vision: Julie speaking]

We offer residential community services and a number of other support services to both our consumers in-house, and out in the community.

[Vision: Evelyn talking with Julie and laughing]

We identified that our personal care staff were struggling.

[Vision: Julie speaking - Julie talking with a resident in dining room]

They would be doing hospitality roles as well as their caring roles, and they were getting caught with not enough time to deal with that personal touch for the residents.

[Vision: Julie, Evelyn and other staff walking through Lyndoch Living]

Then we thought well what about some traineeship options?

[Vision: Evelyn walking through Lyndoch Living - Evelyn speaking]

They offered me the traineeship.

I did the course, worked hard at it and landed here, and I don’t have any regrets.

[Vision: Evelyn walking through Lyndoch Living]

I had been in Queensland for 18 years.

I had some workplace bullying that I had to work through.

[Vision: Evelyn working in kitchen - Evelyn speaking]

Because I’d been working through it with a psychologist she helped me to gain my confidence.

[Vision: Evelyn smiling - Evelyn serving residents in dining room]

With Jobs Victoria and WestVic we work in collaboration and try and find the most suitable trainee.

[Vision: Julie speaking]

We do a lot of interview processes to make sure that person’s the right fit.

[Vision: Evelyn laughing with residents - Evelyn smiling for camera]

It’s a bit of an art.

[Vision: Julie speaking]

We’ve had quite a few trainees go through and we’ve been lucky enough with Evelyn to keep her on board, so it’s been fantastic.

[Vision: Evelyn working and laughing]

Because you’re always working you rely on the others.

You help them, they help you.

[Vision: Evelyn sitting with resident and chatting]

You just want to look after them as if you were looking after your own family at home, you know?

[Vision: Evelyn talking with residents in dining room]

It’s just those little tweaks that, you know, make it just a bit nicer.

[Vision: Evelyn standing in foyer]

When her traineeship finished the residents were absolutely aghast.

[Vision: Julie speaking]

“She’s finished, when are we going to have her back?”

[Vision: Evelyn talking with resident, cutting bread and working in kitchen]

So we really worked hard to keep her on board, initially in a casual role, and she’s just come back up to Swinton Wing to help out.

[Vision: Evelyn talking with residents in dining room]

The job experience is just amazing.

I wouldn’t change it now.

I love it.

I love it.

[Vision: Evelyn standing in foyer and smiling]

I would say give it a go because it’s really rewarding.

I think that’s the main thing, the rewards you get from it.

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