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Hamsa Farah - Graduate Sustainability Advisor, Level Crossing Removal Project

My name is Hamsa Farrah.

I’m a Sustainability Advisor here at the Western Programme Alliance.

[Vision: Hamsa with other workers looking over construction site]

I’m absolutely enjoying it.

[Vision: Hamsa working on site - Hamsa speaking inside office - Hamsa looking over construction site]

Every now and then I get to come out to the sites, the projects, in which we’re essentially changing the state, putting in new infrastructure, connecting communities, and removing dangerous level crossings.

[Vision: Hamsa speaking]

It’s a privilege, a great opportunity.

Nick Burnie - Senior Environment and Sustainability Advisor, Western Program Alliance

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His enthusiasm is second to none.

[Vision: Nick speaking in office]

I think his ability to stay positive, even when we’re sort of in some tough positions out in the work-front and in the office is quite impressive.

[Vision: Hamsa working in office at desk and walking through office - Hamsa speaking]

It was just real difficult for me to really get into what I was studying looking into that professionally.

[Vision: Dynapac vehicle on construction site - Hamsa checking boards in office]

I really wasn’t able to draw up any connections in that field so it was just essentially left to the online applications, which ends with a bunch of unsuccessful emails.

[Vision: Hamsa speaking with other worker in office - Hamsa and female worker on construction site]

I was introduced to the Brotherhood of St. Laurence in partnership with Jobs Victoria.

[Vision: Hamsa speaking in office]

They have given me the chance essentially through the Given A chance programme, and that introduced me to the Western Programme Alliance where I’ve come on board as a Sustainability Advisor.

[Vision: Hamsa and female worker on construction site - Hamsa walking through construction site - Deere vehicle on construction site - truck being loaded with soil]

After a couple of months through that I was picked up by McConnell Dowell to actually come on board as a full-time employee.

[Vision: Nick speaking in office - close-up of orange vest hanging over chair - Hamsa working at desk]

He does quite a bit of work outside of Western Programme Alliance in the equal rights for men and women.

[Vision: Hamsa speaking in office - Hamsa on construction site and in office talking with other staff]

The feeling essentially you get from that, knowing that you’re able to change someone’s life or benefit their life, I found that as really rewarding and I understood that that was something that I wanted to continue to do for the rest of my life.

[Vision: Hamsa and Nick sitting at desk talking in office]

I think that he looks at things quite holistically.

[Vision: Nick speaking in office - Hamsa and other worker on construction site - Nick and Hamsa laughing in office - Nick speaking]

I think a lot of us here have construction tunnel vision.

So a lot of students in general, are finding difficulties but there are opportunities out there.

[Vision: Hamsa speaking - Hamsa and female worker on construction site]

I really do suggest that they do open up and do meet these organisations.

[Vision: Hamsa speaking in office]

Go to contribute towards building a better society.

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