[Vision: People at the Collingwood Children’s Farm.]

Conor Hickey – General Manager, Collingwood Children’s Farm

COVID was a horrific time. We had to close and we had to stand staff down.

[Vision: Conor talking to camera. Conor at her desk using a computer.]

Some of our staff didn’t qualify for JobKeeper. It was precarious, I guess, you know, we didn’t know when we would reopen. Then we went to the Jobs Victoria online hub.

[Vision: Staff at Collingwood Children’s Farm. Vision of the farm.]

We were able to put in everything that we wanted and I think it was probably the best and easiest way to employ people.

Text overlay: Looking for staff? Jobs Victoria can help. Call 1300 208 575 or visit jobs.vic.gov.au/findstaff

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