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Johnny Le - Werribee Mansion Banquets Team

[Vision:  Johnny in front of Werribee Mansion]

Hi, I’m Johnny and I’m working at Werribee Mansion.

[Vision:  Johnny speaking]

I’ve been working here for about eight months and I really enjoy it so far.

Simon Crabb - Social Ventures Australia, Jobs Victoria Partner

[Vision:  Johnny working]

Funded by Jobs Victoria, the Industry Employment Initiative is a demand led employment program that engages employers who have vacancies that would suit young long-term unemployed jobseekers.

[Vision:  Dining table - Johnny was unemployed for two years - despite hospitality qualifications he struggled to find ongoing work in the industry]

[Vision:  Johnny working]

[Vision:  Johnny speaking]I wanted to work with people but I tried something else.

[Vision:  Dining table -Johnny tried unpaid work experience but this didn’t lead to a job.]

[Vision:  Johnny speaking]

They weren’t really treating me well and I felt really down and really sad.

I didn’t know what to do.

[Vision:  Johnny working]

I didn’t know how to move on from that place.

[Vision:  Werribee Mansion - Johnny working]

Werribee Mansion came to the Industry Employment Initiative and told us that they had positions available that might suit our cohort.

[Vision:  Simon speaking]

They were involved in the co-design of training pathway which meant that job seekers were ready to move into work in their organisation.

[Vision:  Johnny working]

Johnny was one such participant who completed a training course, was supported through work experience, and moved into ongoing employment with Werribee Mansion.

[Vision:  Johnny speaking]

I was really lucky to find this place.

[Vision:  Johnny working]

What I enjoy the most is the staff.

They’re very welcoming and very friendly to me.

They helped me a lot throughout my training.

[Vision:  Johnny in front of Werribee Mansion - Johnny speaking]

I would actually like to move onto event managing, organising the events and helping run the events as well.

Yeah, follow in my manager’s footsteps.

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