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Rhian Wheel - Customer Service Specialist, Star Health

I’m Rhian Wheel, I am a team member with the Service Access and Support team with Star Health Group Limited.

[Vision: Rhian working at computer]

I work from a Monday to a Thursday here on placement, and then on Fridays I attend RMIT in the city to study.

Josh Barretto - Service Experience manager, Star Health

Star Health’s been operating in the community services area for over 40 years, and it is definitely a growth area.

And so there is always going to be a need to find good people to do good work for our communities.

The nature of our team is that a lot of people come into it and use it as a stepping stone.

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The challenges there is working, you know, having to recruit people every six to 12 months because they go onto to do bigger and better things.

[Vision: Josh speaking - Josh discussing work with Rhian]

The partnership we’ve engaged in with Jobs Victoria, it’s really around essentially identifying someone who’s got an interest and passion for this sector in general, and then providing them exposure and experience within our organisation.

[Jobs Victoria offers young people traineeships in health and community services.  The Community Traineeship Program is delivered in partnership with the Victorian Council of Social Service]

Josh Barretto - Service Experience manager, Star Health

Jobs Victoria Traineeship Program has really opened our eyes to I guess an opportunity that we weren’t aware of previously.

[Vision: Rhian standing outside work - Rhian speaking]

My dream was always to be an actress and to be in musical theatre, but ever since doing the traineeship I’ve had a bit of a different perspective.

Now I know that I want to work with disadvantaged people through musical theatre.

So I still have that musical theatre in me but I know I want to like help.

[Vision: Josh and Rhian smiling for the camera - Josh speaking - Rhian writing]

What she brings to the team is really just her personality is sort of eagerness to learn and eagerness to develop her skillset which then you know really just helps lift up the whole team generally.

Star Health is so supportive.

Whatever I need they’re always there to provide it.

[Vision: Rhian talking with colleague at desk - Josh speaking]

This is the first year, we only took one trainee on which was Rhian.

Given how successful this has been for us we’re very keen to expand that into next year.

[Vision: Rhian at desk smiling for camera - Rhian speaking]

It’s really enlightened the way I am with people and just how I think about life in general.

The opportunities are out there you’ve just got to look for them.

[Interested in a community traineeship? Jobs Victoria provides information and support - The Victoria Council of Social Service provides traineeship information -]

[Jobs Victoria / Working for all Victorians - Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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