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Tom Trevaskis - Regional General Manager, Lendlease Communities

The Exchange is an initiative with Lendlease and Melbourne City Council.

[Vision:  Construction area with heavy machinery - view from loader cabin]

It’s a lot of demand for construction jobs and housing, so we set up The Exchange.  Really focused on upskilling people in those areas and then finding them local jobs.

Daniel Ross - Area Manager, Rokon

[Vision:  Natalie entering loader and working - view of Natalie driving - Daniel speaking]

In the Victorian market at present it’s nearly impossible to find really good candidates, because of the amount of work in Victoria with infrastructure, rail, tunnels, so good initiatives or good projects like the one with Jobs Victoria, together with Lendlease we are tapping into some good candidates.

Natalie Bell - Plant Operator, Rokon

I’m Natalie Bell and I’m a Plant Operator for Rokon, and I drive this loader.

[Vision:  Natalie operating loader]

I was a landscaper before, and doing my apprenticeship you get your Skid Steer ticket, but I also got my loader ticket that day.

[Vision:  Natalie speaking]

And I was about six months, had no employment, and I had all this experience.

[Vision:  Natalie working loader]

No response from, you know, sending out my resume.

When you’re out of work, mentally it’s a stress on you because you think whether you’re good enough or not.

[Vision:  Natalie speaking]

That’s where Jobs Victoria, they were very supportive in that area.

[Vision:  Natalie standing in front of loader]

I got a call from Lendlease and Rokon gave me a go, and I haven’t looked back since.

[Vision:  Tom speaking - Tom and Natalie talking]

Natalie is exceptional

We started her on the loader.

She’s now working with the drainage crew.

She’s laying pipes and earth.

She’s doing the bedding.

[Vision:  Tom speaking]

She’s on the compactors.

She can drive the rollers.

[Vision:  Natalie exiting loader cabin and shaking hands with Tom]

It’s a win-win for Lendlease with the local community, and for us we’re getting people that want to work.

[Vision:  Natalie speaking - Natalie working loader]

Out of the time I wasn’t working, and coming back in, a lot has changed in that 14 months, there’s a shift to having equal opportunities.

[Vision:  Natalie’s view from driver’s cabin]

Yeah, seeing more women, it’s good.

[Vision:  Tom speaking]

She’s now embedded in our company which is a fantastic thing.

[Vision:  Natalie driving and talking on two-way radio]

And look, she’s always got a smile on her face.

[Vision:  Exterior view of loader being driven by Natalia]

Jobs Vic is a really good resource for us.

[Vision:  Side view of loader - Tom speaking]

For anyone else looking, you need to contact Jobs Vic because they’ll point you in the right direction.

[Looking for staff?  We can help. Visit for information and support]

[JOBS VICTORIA - Working for all Victorians]

[VICTORIA State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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