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Grace Anok Kudum - Employee, The Bendigo Cleaning Company

Bendigo is a small town.

It’s very quiet.

Yeah, the people, they are friendly.

Martin Leach - Managing Director, The Bendigo Cleaning Company

Grace started with us about twelve months ago, and came to us through the Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services which works in partnership with Access Australia Group and Jobs Victoria.

[Vision:  Grace speaking with Martin]

And she forms part of our culturally diverse workforce.

[Vision:  Grace speaking - Grace cleaning in Bendigo Art Gallery]

When I moved here around two years ago, I started studying language in the TAFE, and then after language I moved to my Certificate II in cleaning.

[Vision:  Grace speaking]

Then after that I started to look around for a job.

[Vision:  Martin speaking]

She’s really good, you know.

She’s so well appreciated by the people in the art gallery.

[Vision:  Grace cleaning]

She’s always got a smile for everyone.

She’s very, very efficient in what she does.

[Vision:  Grace speaking]

There’s a lot of challenges when you are looking around for a job.

[Vision:  Grace cleaning in Bendigo Art Gallery]

When you don’t have communication very well it’s more difficult, never find a job.

[Vision:  Grace speaking]

When you don’t have any certificate, never find a job.

[Vision:  Martin speaking - Grace cleaning]

These people have come from poverty, war torn backgrounds, real hardships, and all they want to do is be productive and work and support their families.

[Vision:  Martin speaking]

Jobs Victoria offers support in so many ways to be able to deliver opportunities to people who may not be able to be employed otherwise.

[Vision:  Grace speaking]

I’m working and I’m happy.

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