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David Barron - Partnerships Manager, Rumbalara Football and Netball Club, Jobs Victoria Partner

[Vision: Ruby, David and Rob walking through construction site]

I’m David Barron and I’m the Partnership Manager for the Rumbalara Football Club.

[Vision: David speaking - Ruby talking with David in office]

It’s more than just a regular football club, it’s about health, it’s about education, it’s about jobs.

It’s about really increasing the prosperity for Aboriginal people within the region.

One of the programs that we run there is the Algabonyah Employment Program.

Ruby Winmar - Construction Worker, Lendlease

[Vision: Ruby exiting lift - Ruby speaking]

I’ve been involved with Rumba since I was a baby.

Family’s been involved with Rumbalara since before I was born.

[Vision: Ruby working]

A lot of people and not just indigenous, it’s very difficult for people to get work.

I was actually an assistant nurse.

I’ve done a traineeship in that.

[Vision: Ruby speaking - Ruby operating lift]

I wasn’t having much money to save once rent, groceries and that sort of stuff was all done.

[Vision: Lift sign showing floor 3]

Ruby came to the Algabonyah Employment Program, she had a traineeship at another organisation and she was finding it financially difficult.

We were able to get Ruby onto a construction project.

[Vision: Ruby and Rob exiting lift - Rob talking with Ruby on construction site - Ruby operating lift]

Rob McGregor - Site Manager, Lendlease

Ruby walked in the door ready, Jobs Victoria’s partnership with Rumbalara, that’s given us job ready to go people that on day one we were able to just put her through a normal construction industry induction, and within a couple of hours she was earning her keep and was a part of the team straightaway.

[Vision: Ruby smiling and working]

I was born here in this hospital.

A few years back I worked as a nursing assistant, now I’m here working on the construction site with building the new buildings.

[Vision: Ruby in lift posing for camera]

Hopefully once I finish my studying of nursing I’ll be able to come back and work here again in the hospital.

[Vision: David speaking]

Really what we’re doing is we’re building careers for people in the aboriginal community in Shepparton.

[Vision: David talking with Ruby - Ruby posing for camera]

Jobs Victoria funding that goes into that is critical to the success stories that we’re seeing on the Lendlease hospital site here.

[Vision: Rob speaking]

Rumbalara and Jobs Victoria have made my life a lot easier with employing Aboriginal people up here.

[Vision: Rob talking with Ruby on construction site]

Particularly while we’re on Yorta Yorta country, we have a responsibility, I think, to not just come in here, do our job and go away again.

[Vision: Ruby, Rob and David on construction site talking]

I think we have to go and learn from people.

To me that’s been really important.

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