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Peh Gay - Don Team Member, Don Smallgoods

Hi, my name is Peh Gay.

I came from Thailand.

I came to Australia in 2009.

And I’m married.

I’ve got three children.

Pue Pewi Poe - Don Team Member, Don Smallgoods

[Vision:  Pue Pewi Poe and family]

My name is Pue Pewi Poe.

I have a family.

I have one kid.

[Vision:  Pue Pewi Poe speaking]

I work here nearly one year.

I went to the community centre to help out to look for me, a job.

[Vision:  Pue Pewi Poe working]

That’s why they send me to here.

[Vision:  Peh Gay walking in to work with Pue Pewi Poe]

It took four years to get a job.

[Vision:  Peh Gay speaking]

I asked my friend and my friend said, “You should go to the community centre.”

And then I went there and then I asked for a job.

And they said, “We got an opportunity to have a job in Castlemaine.”

[Vision:  Don Smallgoods building]

[Vision:  Peh Gay working]

I like this job.

Anthony Richardson - Labour Planner, Don Smallgoods

Partnering up with Jobs Victoria, it’s helped us.

It’s taken a lot of pressure off.

[Vision:  Peh Gay and Pue Pewi Poe outside Don Smallgoods building]

You know, to bring in new people from the community.

[Vision:  Anthony Richardson speaking]

Really exciting to broaden our horizons on the type of candidates that we can get.

[Vision:  Pue Pewi Poe speaking]

We work here only a few months.

[Vision:  Pue Pewi Poe and family at home]

Then we go to borrow money.

And then we bought a house.

[Vision:  Peh Gay speaking]

I don’t have an education.

And then I’m thinking I’m going to prepare for my children, for future.

We have a house.

And then good for kids, for future.

[Vision:  Peh Gay and Pue Pewi Poe walking into work]

Because I get job here, and then I get money for a home loan.

[Vision:  Peh Gay speaking]

Now I build my house in Tarneit.

If, for friends, if they are looking for a job, if they can’t get, very hard for them, I would like to say to them to go to the community centre to help.

That’s best way.

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