Video Transcript

Aydarus Mohamed - Construction Worker, SJ Higgins

My name is Aydarus.

I work in Preston as a construction worker.

[Vision:  Aydarus working]

I moved to Australia in 2012 from Somalia.

[Vision:  Aydarus speaking]

I found it had to get a job.

I applied to a lot of jobs but I couldn’t find.

David Millmow - Site Manager, SJ Higgins

We’re currently building 64 apartments for the Department of Health and Human Services.

[Vision:  David and Aydarus discussing work]

The Brotherhood of St. Lawrence and The Huddle and Jobs Victoria put this whole thing together.

[Vision:  David speaking]

We interviewed and some candidates on-site and Aydarus was one of our successful candidates.

So they’re supporting him through the journey.

[Vision:  Aydarus working - Aydarus speaking - Aydarus posing for photo]

It’s something that I wasn’t expecting, preparing interviews and preparation of your resume.

[Vision:  David speaking]

Aydarus stated on-site back in February.

[Vision:  David and Aydarus discussing work]

His work is good; he’s always on time; always well presented; works in well with the other guys on-site; keen to learn.

[Vision:  Aydarus speaking]

Every day is different.

I’m getting new skills.

[Vision:  Aydarus working]

I’ve done a Certificate III in construction.

And I’ve got plant machinery operation.

I’ve got a high risk licence.

Got my white card.

[Vision:  Aydarus speaking - David and Aydarus discussing work]

I hope to develop, and step by step, supervisor then site manager.

[Vision:  Aydarus speaking]

The harder you work, the better health you have, and the fitness you get, with money.


You will change.

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