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Charity Guo - Employee, Meerkat Bistro, Werribee Open Range Zoo

Hi.  My name is Charity Guo.

I work at the Meerkat Bistro at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

[Vision:  Werribee Open Range Zoo building]

The good thing about working here, it’s very flexible.

[Vision:  Statues at front of Werribee Open Range Zoo]

I get to work during school hours.

Rieta Lado - Employee, Meerkat Bistro, Werribee Open Range Zoo

My name is Rieta Lado.

I work at Meerkat Bistro.

I came to Australia in 2005.

[Vision:  Rieta working in bistro]

I been looking for work for a long, long time.

Any job when you apply, they say they need experience, at least you have experience two years.

[Vision:  Rieta speaking]

But I don’t get one.

I don’t get one, that’s the most hard part for me.

[Vision:  Charity speaking - Charity working in bistro]

Previously I was having a hard time finding a job.

I just sent out my resume, just keep sending, sending, and sometimes they don’t reply.

And they do reply, you go for interview and you’re not successful.

[Vision:  Charity working cash register and serving customer]

They also need high experience, and, you know, I don’t really have that much experience in some of the certain jobs.

[Vision:  Charity speaking]

And then I heard about West@work, and I went there and they helped me, you know, get a job.

[Vision:  Rieta working in bistro]

If you can’t do it yourself, just go and ask they will help you.

[Vision:  Rieta speaking - Rieta working in bistro]

They make a resume for me.

They connect me with a job.

[Vision:  Rieta and Charity enjoying the zoo - Rieta speaking]

My advice to anyone looking for a job and doesn’t got one, don’t give up.

Don’t give up.

Keep trying to look, because there’s a place for you to work out there.

[Vision:  Charity serving customer in bistro]

It is going to be hard, you know, especially when you have a little one.

[Vision:  Charity speaking]

Keep trying, and keep believing in yourself.

And just keep putting yourself out there.


You never know.

You know, you never know.

Maybe there’s someone out there who’s not looking just for the experience, but just, you know, wants to see, you know, what you can bring to the table.

[Vision:  Giraffe at zoo]

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