Video Transcript

Samantha Hanson – Administration Assistant, Australian Unity

My name is Samantha Hanson.

I’m an Admin Assistant with Australian Unity.

[Vision: Samantha working at computer]

I’ve been here about five weeks.

I’m loving the position.

Elleni Bereded - Diversity Capability Development Manager, Australian Unity

[Vision: Elleni talking with Samantha - Elleni speaking - Samantha working - Elleni speaking]

Jobs Victoria have been wonderful to us in providing the right contacts to be able to work with us, because the program is unique, and it’s a fabulous program to give people an opportunity to step into the workforce.

[Vision: Samantha working at computer]

I’ve been out of work for 13 years.

[Vision: Samantha speaking]

I have had some mental health issues, and I’m just trying to get back on my feet.

[Vision: Samantha answering phone]

I heard about JobsBank at Monash Health.

[Vision: Samantha speaking]

I went to see JSS.

[Vision: Staff arriving at work]

From there I got an interview here.

[Vision: Australian Unity signage]

Kevin McCoy - CEO, Australian Unity

There’s an incredible connection between your own self wellbeing and having a job, and coming to work, and feeling you’ve achieved something, or being part of something, being set a challenge and making that happen, there’s a very tight connection.

[Vision: Samantha working]

This piece of work that Sam’s involved in through Jobs Victoria, I mean we’ve leapt at the chance to be able to help someone.

[Vision: Elleni speaking]

She disconnected herself from her friends, her family and lived by herself.

[Vision: Samantha talking with staff]

And now trying to get her back into having friends in the workplace so that she’s branching out now, started to go back to normal.

[Vision: Elleni speaking]

And she looks very happy.

[Vision: Samantha speaking]

I was so depressed and everything.

[Vision: Samantha at computer with staff working - Samantha speaking]

And this has just really uplifted me and set me on my way to success I suppose.

[Vision: Elleni speaking - Samantha and Elleni talking at table - Elleni speaking]

Today I’m really, really happy to see her standing here talking about the work she’s doing, it’s good.

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