Video Transcript

[Vision: Gideon Kori at work]

Gideon Kori - Labourer, West Gate Tunnel Project CPB

My name is Gideon Kori.

I’m working at the West Gate Tunnel Project.

[Vision: Gideon Kori working and driving forklift]

I came here to Australia in 2005.

Jobs Victoria helped me to search for work and also arrange interviews.

Darren Read - Superintendent, Area 201, West Gate Tunnel Project CPB

My name is Darren Read.

I’m the Superintendent at the West Gate Tunnel Project looking after the M80 interchange.

[Vision: Van arriving at site. Gideon Kori using forklift]

We’re doing all our social procurement part at the moment.

[Vision: Gideon Kori working through worksite and talking to other staff. Darren Read speaking]

With that we send off an interest of employment and we email that out to Jobs Victoria, and they then supply us with some nominees, and then we pick out the ones that will fit the criteria that we’ve got here.

[Vision: Gideon Kori speaking]

It’s very difficult for me to find a job.

[Vision: Gideon Kori driving forklift and truck. Gideon Kori speaking]

Then I make training for forklift licence and truck licence and heavy vehicle and taxi licence as well.

[Vision: Gideon Kori walking through worksite and speaking with other staff]

And I’m getting construction white card.

[Vision: Darren Read speaking]

We wanted someone in this role that he’s doing at the moment that could get along with people, and we thought he’d fit the bill.

[Vision: Gideon Kori driving forklift and containers onsite]

At the moment some staff come in with deliveries, I get it out with the forklift and I put it down to the container.

[Vision: Gideon Kori speaking in the office space]

I’m doing all this stuff in office here.

[Vision: Gideon Kori speaking with Darren Read]

He’s got the right attitude, definitely got the right attitude, and that’s the main thing.

Skills you can pick up as you go, it’s fairly hard to change an attitude.

[Vision: Darren Read speaking]

So if they’ve got the right attitude and easy to get along with that’s the main thing.

[Vision: Gideon Kori speaking with staff members and laughing. Gideon Kori speaking]

Now I feel very happy and grateful, I have hope.

And also I feel satisfied with the job.

[Vision: Gideon Kori exiting forklift]

This is my advice, don’t give up.

You have to have hope.

[Vision: Gideon Kori working through office]

Go to them, they will help you like me and they will help you in major project like this.

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