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[Vision: Luu and Jasmine walking through office and chatting]

Ao Luu - CEO, Luus Industries

Being an Australian manufacturer you have to have the right talent, the right people, the right attitude.

[Vision: Luu talking with Jasmine]

We’re a commercial cooking equipment manufacturer.

While we still have a need for specific skills, we find that that’s secondary to people that really want to work hard and really want to, you know, have the right attitude towards work.

Jasmine Chung - Jobs Victoria Partner, WCIG

I initially went to introduce myself to Luus as a Jobs Victoria Program to help disadvantaged people back into employment.

[Vision: Jasmine showing paperwork to Luu and chatting with him - Luu speaking]

Our teams definitely worked closely with Jasmine and she’s paid a lot of attention to exactly who we are as a business, understand what we want and, you know, they show that support through the quality of candidates they put forward to us.

[Vision: Huy working in factory]

So Huy is a redundant labourer.

WCIG came into the company to help him find work after the redundancy package.

[Vision: Jasmine speaking - Huy working in factory]

I marketed that to Luus saying, “I’ve got a perfect candidate for you. He’s got transferable skills.”

Huy Quang Phan - Folding Press Operator, Luus Industries

After my old factory moved into Sydney, Jasmine referred me to Luus.

[Vision: Jasmine shaking hands with Huy and talking with him - Huy smiling for camera]

Huy is fantastic.

He’s been with us for just over a year now and he hasn’t had a sick day at all.

[Vision: Huy working in factory - Luu speaking]

To be completely committed like that and turn up every single day is an absolute testament to him.

[Vision: Huy talking with team leader - Huy speaking]

I’ve got a good team leader, good fellow worker here.

The government is taking care of us.

[Vision: Huy smiling for camera - Staff working in factory]

We’ve had four roles that we need filling.

Those four roles, these people are still here today and three of them actually converted to permanent full-time roles.

[Vision: Luu talking with Jasmine in office - Luu speaking]

WCIG have had a huge part in that, and moving forward we can see us using them a lot more because of the high success rate that we’ve had recently.

[Vision: Luu and Jasmine smiling for camera - Jasmine speaking - Luu smiling for camera]

They trust and believe that, you know, we can match the right candidate to the company.

[Vision: Jasmine smiling for camera - Huy smiling for camera]

It makes me happy that I can change someone’s life and they can work full-time.

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