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Justin Coburn - Community & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Beon Energy Solutions

[Vision: Staff working on solar farm]

My role consists of overseeing employment on the solar farm.

[Vision: Justin speaking]

And as part of that we’ve developed a partnership with the Jobs Victoria and the Mildura City Council Employment Program.

[Vision: Staff working on solar farm]

We have placed over 40 workers on the farm.

It’s been a fantastic partnership.

Amy Nash - Mildura City Council, Jobs Victoria Partner

[Vision: Livia working on solar farm]

We help and support local community members that are struggling to find employment.

[Vision: Amy speaking]

They might have some significant barriers that they’re facing at any given time.

[Vision: Male staff working on solar farm]

We work with them individually to work through their barriers and to help them find employment.

Livia Naucukidi - Trades Assistant, Beon Energy Solutions

I left Fiji 2016.

[Vision: Livia walking through solar panels and posing for camera - Livia speaking]

We had an opportunity for my husband so we had to move to Mildura.

I just heard this job from this Sunraysia Multicultural or Community Culture Centre.

[Vision: Livia looking at solar panels]

And I just put my resume there and they asked me if you want to job at the solar farm.

[Vision: Livia speaking]

And I said, “Oh yeah, I’m really excited.”

[Vision: Livia talking with staff member]

Livia is a great example.

[Vision: Livia working with solar panels]

She just struggled to have that opportunity to be able to find employment.

[Vision: Amy speaking]

She’s a real go-getter.

Her supervisor absolutely loves working with her.

She’s here every day with a big smile on her face and she’s just over the moon happy.

[Vision: Livia speaking]

I love the job because it’s new to me.

[Vision: Livia working with the solar panels - Livia speaking]

Back in Fiji I work at the admin, like in the office.

[Vision: Livia speaking with staff member]

But this one I work outside and I work with different people.

[Vision: Amy speaking]

It’s the skills that our clients are learning along the way.

[Vision: Staff working on solar farm]

It’s not just work skills, it’s working with people, it’s working with people from different backgrounds and different needs.

Rex Handy - Labourer, Beon Energy Solutions

You know, it’s a different experience, nice people to work with, new people to work with.

Times are hard in regional Australia here.

Whatever work there is it’s pretty hard to get.

[Vision: Staff working on solar farm]

I usually done seasonal jobs like select harvest, you know, almonds, grapes, stuff like that.

[Vision: Rex speaking - Amy speaking]

We were originally only contracted to find 75 employment placements and we’re up to 200 so far.

So we’re just … it’s just absolutely fantastic.

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