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Meg Keamy - Burgerlove, Prahran

My name is Meg.

I work at Burgerlove Prahran.

And I got this job thanks to The Bridge and Jobs Victoria.

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I was looking for work for about two years and it got really, really depressing.

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I was signed up with Job Prospects and they brought in Sarah from The Bridge.

Steve Agi - Director, Burgerlove

A lot of the youth are underprivileged and haven’t got the opportunity to work, so it’s great that Jobs Victoria does support these sorts of organisations to allow youth to find the place and, you know, have some job fulfilment and discover a role that suits them.

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One thing that Sarah made sure to tell me was the employer has experience with people with anxiety and depression.

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And it took a lot of the pressure off me knowing that the person that I was going to the interview with knew exactly what I was going through and made me be able to perform a lot better in the interview knowing that he would understand I was not in my comfort zone.

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Over the last six months that Meg’s been with us she’s excelled moving into a management role here at our Prahran store.

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So she’s one of our senior staff across the whole business.

[Vision:  Meg speaking]

I have a little five year old autistic son.

Everyone will have something that is there reason to keep going.

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Just keep that in your mind when you’re going into the interviews and it’ll come through, and it will show them why you’re the one that should get the job over someone else.

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If you can improve yourself it’ll come back tenfold.

The opportunities that open up to you once you’ve got that job.

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You can push yourself and you can work as hard as you can and make it everything that you want it to be.

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