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Liban Mohamud - Trainee, Tradelink

[Vision: Liban smiling - close up view of Liban’s name badge]

My name is Liban Mohamud.

I work at Tradelink Thornbury.

[vision: Liban speaking]

I’m doing a traineeship here.

[Vision: Liban on the telephone and working]

I came here 2012.

I think I was 17, and I went to English language school.

The courses got harder and harder, because of English being a second language.

I wanted to get a, like, so desperate, wanted to do something for the future.

[Vision: Liban speaking]

I went to a couple of interviews, but I’ve never done an interview so I failed those ones.

[Vision: Liban talking with Louise]

Louise Bastow - WPC Group

Liban was referred to us through Jobs Victoria and NORTH Link.

We could tell straight away that he had all the qualities of a successful trainee.

He had the right attitude.

He was keen and motivated.

[Vision: Jobs Victoria Partner NORTH Link worked with WPC to place Liban into a traineeship role with Tradelink - Liban working]

Because Liban immigrated here from overseas he just didn’t have a lot of local experience, and just need a bit of help securing a role.

[Vision: Liban speaking]

They do traineeship, and they explain it to me.

[Vision: Liban working]

They will train you to learn how they do things.

[Vision: Louise speaking]

We put him forward for the role with Tradelink, and he is just a sponge, and would soak up pretty much anything that we told him that would help him get a job.

[Vision: Liban talking with Angelo]

Angelo Pozzebon - Branch Manager, Tradelink

We’re looking for people who want to be leaders, who want to be managers.

We’re a growing company.

Tradelink’s opening more stores, so we want the right people so that they want to grow with us.

[Vision: Angelo showing Liban a fitting]

He’s a quick learner, yeah, he’s pretty good.

I can tell him a particular fitting, where it is, what it is, bang, he remembers it so that’s pretty good.

[Vision: Louise speaking - Liban working]

We always knew he’d do well, and since starting, yeah, he’s just impressing everyone every day.

[Vision: Angelo speaking]

There’s other guys and they’ll say, “Geeze, he’s getting better every day,” which is great.

Everyone can see it, you know, so it’s like a growth.

[Vision: Liban smiling and speaking]

If they like you or they think you’re going to be good, they will take you as a full-time employee.

Hopefully so far all things will be looking good.

[Vision: Angelo speaking - Liban smiling for camera]

It goes to show, that filtering at the beginning, get the right candidate, and it’s good.

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