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Paul Stevens - Head of Operations Outlook Environmental

Hello, my name is Paul Stevens.

I’m the Head of Commercial Operations for Outlook Victoria, running their environmental section.

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We run residential transfer stations, but also have commercial areas.

[Vision: Staff working - Paul Stevens speaking]

We’ve got about 130 on our payroll.

About 70% of them have come in from what we consider disadvantaged, or disability background.

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What we do as an organisation is a true triple bottom line and we need divisions of the government like Jobs Vic to get behind us to really catapult us as a social enterprise in the space we’re doing because it’s quite unique.

[Slide: Outlook Environmental is one of Victoria’s largest social enterprises. It achieves social, environmental and financial outcomes through the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework.]

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We are growing at a rapid rate, and that growth needs to be filled with jobs.

Babika Babika - Outlook Employee

In 2013, I first step in Australia on Christmas Island.

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Around two months there, next, they transfer me to another detention centre in Western Australia, I had been there around about nine months there.

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They find it hard to find a job, so we’ve created an environment where everyone feels comfortable with what we do, and then we give people opportunities.

Phillip Knight - Employment Engagement Coordinator, Brotherhood of St. Laurence, Jobs Victoria Partner

[Vision: Staff working - view of inside facility - view of forklift and outside facility]

We’ve had a relationship for about 18 months now where we’re trying to place appropriate people into their workplaces, and I’ll bring somebody down, they’ll have a tour around the place so that they can actually see what happens here.

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It’s fairly hard to describe if you’ve never been to a waste transfer station what people do.

[Vision: Babika Babika walking through site - Babika Babika speaking]

The officers there they work hard with me, and every time they call me they show me jobs.

And when I get this job I say this is very suitable and I like it.

[Vision: Babika Babika working]

They bring me job-ready applicants.

They know what we do.

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They understand what we do with the business.

[Vision: Paul Stevens speaking - Babika Babika working - Paul Stevens speaking]

They’ve currently place, I think we’ve got 22 or 23 in our system, so they’ve really helped me facilitate what we do, and how we’re going to grow as a business.

[Vision: Babika Babika speaking]

My aim is to improve my prospects.

[Vision: Staff driving machinery]

We have a loader and I would like to get this experience to be loader driver here.

[Vision: Paul Stevens speaking - view of outside of facility]

About three candidates have now been up-skilled into excavator and loader opportunities, so they’ve got competency assessments in that range, so that just broadens their skillset.

[Vision: Paul Stevens speaking]

I have no trouble with staff retention on our sites.

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It’s just actually getting the right people who enjoy the work, the culture, and the relationship we build, and the community-focus we have, and that is facilitated through divisions like Jobs Vic.

[Slide: Looking for staff? We can help. Visit for information and support.]

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