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Shylee Corrigan - Admin & Receptionist

My name is Shylee Corrigan.

I’m 20 years old.

I’m a very proud Yirandali woman from Central Queensland.

[Vision: Shylee working at reception - Gunditjmara signage]

I currently live in Warrnambool on Gunditjmara country and I work at Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative.

Ashley Couzens - CEO, Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative

Gunditjmara Aboriginal Coop is an Aboriginal organisation that services the Warrnambool districts area.

[Vision: External view of Gunditjmara building showing sign]

It’s a community-led, community-run organisation.

[Vision: Shylee working - Shylee speaking]

Gunditjmara offers services to indigenous people and indigenous people’s carers.

[Vision: Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative banner]

We’ve got health.

We’ve got family services.

[Vision: Shylee speaking]

And we’ve got community services.

[Vision: Aboriginal artefact display]

Jobs Victoria program assists us in looking at a pool of junior Aboriginal staff.

[Vision: Honour Board]

It’s always a challenge for Aboriginal organisations around recruitment.

[Vision: View of brochures and artefacts on display - Ashley speaking]

We have a clear vision in our strategic plan around building a really qualified Aboriginal workforce that can provide those services out in the community.

[Vision: Shylee and Ashley walking around Aboriginal displays]

As a CEO of an Aboriginal organisation, you always want to provide opportunities for community.

It’s quite challenging working in Aboriginal organisation in the community because of the historical intergenerational issues that communities face.

[Vision: Ashley speaking]

And for Aboriginal staff they carry that cultural load.

[Vision: Shylee typing]

In 2017 I was referred over to Worn Gundidj by one of my support services.

[Vision: Shylee speaking - Shylee working]

I was really lacking in a lot of confidence because I was an early school leaver, I didn’t have any qualifications.

Worn Gundidj actually helped me overcome all those self-confidence issues by engaging me in volunteering.

[Vision: Ashley and Shylee discussing work on the computer - Ashley speaking - Ashley training Shylee at work]

We provide opportunities for young Aboriginal people like Shylee, we’re providing that professional development and support, and also ensuring that their cultural and spiritually strong as well.

[Vision: Shylee on telephone]

We’re really excited that Shylee’s going to be her diploma next year as a young Aboriginal woman.

[Vision: Shylee working on computer - Ashley speaking]

That’s going to open up a lot of avenues for Shylee to move more into the service type programs in supporting community, so we’re really excited about that.

[Vision: View of Shylee]

We know our young ones have an inner resilience from birth, and that’s historically why we’ve survived.

Our challenge for young ones like Shylee is to bring that out.

[Vision: Shylee walking down footpath - Shylee and Ashlee smiling]

Shylee’s growth is continual, it just keeps going and our job is to nurture that and support that.

[Vision: Shylee posing for camera]

I love the culture here.

I love that it’s just a really big family.

Don’t be scared.

[Vision: Shylee speaking]

Go out there and ask for help, because there’s always someone willing to help you out there.

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