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Justin Coburn - Community & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Beon Energy Solutions

Hi, I’m Justin Coburn.

I’m the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Beon Energy Solutions.

[Vision: Staff working on solar farm - Justin speaking]

My role consists of overseeing the employment on the solar farm, and as part of that we’ve developed a partnership with Jobs Victoria and the Mildura City Council Employment Program.

[Vision: Staff working on solar farm carrying pipes and joining them]

And through that partnership we have placed over 40 workers on the farm.

[Vision: Justin speaking]

Most of the people that they recommended to us have been great, and in fact, you know, we’ve asked for more.

We’ve also developed a trainee program for people who have selected a career path into an electrical apprenticeship, so a few of those are through those, such as Brandon.

Brandon Williams - Trades’ Assistant, Beon Energy Solutions

I’m proud to be here.

I love being here.

[Vision: Brandon and other staff working]

I’m learning new things every day.

[Vision: Justin speaking - Brandon and other staff working]

When he first started he struggled to turn up every day, and to turn up on time, and we had to have a couple of words with him.

[Vision: Brandon speaking]

It was kind of hard getting into that routine of waking up early, getting to the bus stop and, you know, having them long days.

[Vision: Brandon carrying pipe]

But after that I sort of coped with it and I can handle it a lot better now than I used to.

[Vision: Brandon speaking]

I was going through a lot of family issues.

It has sort of put me in that right mindset physically and mentally.

[Vision: Brandon and other staff working]

He has had a magnificent turnaround.

He loves coming to work.

He’s always here.

[Vision: Justin speaking]

His supervisors grab me now and say, “What a great job he’s doing.”

[Vision: Brandon working]

The work’s not easy.

It’s 58 hours a week.

[Vision: Justin speaking]

If they can demonstrate that they’ve stayed here for the life of the project that’s, in itself, is a big achievement.

[Vision: Brandon carrying pipe on solar farm]

I’m planning to go to another solar farm by the same company.

[Vision: Brandon speaking]

I think they’ll be more than happy to take me with them.

If they do then that’ll be a blessing, like I’ll definitely be there to work.

[Vision: Staff working on solar farm - solar panels - Justin speaking]

We’ve been able to fulfil, not only our requirements on the farm, but also our own social responsibility to give back to the community.

And from our perspective it’s been a fantastic partnership.

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