The Jobs Victoria hospitality program connected Brodie with Bells Hotel who needed staff.

Brodie chats with bar staff at Bells Hotel

Bells Hotel was having a tough time as a result of COVID. After finding it difficult to build up their staff numbers, they signed up to the Jobs Victoria hospitality program and found Brodie.

Brodie had finished year 12 and was looking for a hospitality job. He had also signed up to the program as a worker. As part of the paid training, he learnt how to create cocktails, make coffees and serve tables in a fun and interactive course.

He’s now enjoying the social environment at Bells Hotel and is regarded as a senior member of the team.

If you’re looking for a fun new job, take a look at our hospitality program.

"The best part was everyone was trained. They have got the customer service, can make the coffee, they understand hospitality, they have trained everyone in the bar and and given them the skills. They have got a current RSA and we can teach them the Bells culture."