Youth Cadetship Scheme

Jobs Victoria's Youth Cadetship Scheme creates a more certain career pathway for Youth Employment Scheme trainees and a more diverse and inclusive Victorian public sector workforce.

The Jobs Victoria Youth Cadetship Scheme (YCS) gives young Victorians a job in the public sector and experience that will put them on the path to a meaningful career.

The Youth Cadetship Scheme will run as a pilot program from 2017 to 2020, providing 135 young people who face barriers to employment with a two-year cadetship in the Victorian Public Service (VPS). The program aims to provide sustainable employment to young people and create a more diverse and inclusive Victorian public sector workforce.

The Youth Cadetship Scheme has been developed in collaboration with the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU).

How does the Youth Cadetship Scheme work?

The program:

  • Offers entry-level VPS positions to eligible young people who have graduated from the Youth Employment Scheme (YES) or referred from a Jobs Victoria Partner.
  • Supports them to a level where they can compete for positions that will further their VPS career.
  • Offers continuing accredited training throughout their cadetship.
  • Provides cadets with individual support from a dedicated CPSU liaison officer.

Cadetship positions are advertised by Victorian Government departments and prospective cadets will undertake an application process. Successful cadets will commence a Certificate IV in Government.

Who is eligible for the Youth Cadetship Scheme?

To be eligible, prospective cadets must have completed, or nearly completed, a YES traineeship or be referred from a Jobs Victoria Partner. Jobs Victoria will contribute a pool of participants for recruitment to cadet positions. Participants will be referred via the Jobs Victoria Employment Network and Work and Learning Centres.

Participants must represent one of the following priority groups:

  • long-term unemployed (prior to the YES traineeship)
  • referred from Jobs Victoria Partner / Work and Learning Centre
  • resident in a rural or remote area of Victoria
  • early school leaver (prior to year 12)
  • single parents
  • have a disability or mental illness
  • social housing tenant
  • out of home care client
  • ex-offender/youth justice client
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • culturally and linguistically diverse
  • family member of a veteran

How is the Youth Cadetship Scheme different from YES?

The Youth Cadetship Scheme builds on the foundations of the Youth Employment Scheme, which has provided more than 8,000 one-year traineeships for young people in the VPS since 2000. The Youth Cadetship Scheme provides the capacity to retain promising trainees within the VPS and offer them a career pathway at the completion of their YES traineeship.

How do young people access the scheme?

Applications to the Youth Cadetship Scheme can be made through two streams: the Youth Employment Scheme or via referral through a Jobs Victoria Partner.

Information for young jobseekers about the Youth Cadetship Scheme can be found here

To apply through Jobs Victoria please contact a Jobs Victoria Partner to determine your eligibility for the scheme.

If you have any further questions contact Jobs Victoria on Ph: 1300 208 575 or email

Information and application forms

For VPS managers

For current YES trainees and prospective cadets

Accessible versions of these documents are currently not available. Work to create accessible versions may already be in progress or an accessible version can be provided on request. Please contact Jobs Victoria if you need further information about these documents.

Youth Cadetship Scheme launch

Hear from current YES trainees at the December 2016 YCS launch in Melbourne.

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Help getting ready for a cadetship

YCS cadet Brittany Spruce got ready for her cadetship with help from the Fitted For Work organisation.