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Programs such as Business in Transition Support and special programs focused on Gippsland's Latrobe Valley and auto workers in Victoria help workers facing retrenchment.

Jobs Victoria is responding to changes in Victoria's economy through various programs designed to help businesses transition within their industries, and workers to retrain and get re-employed after retrenchment.

Latrobe Valley

With the closure of Hazelwood power station, Jobs Victoria is working with the Latrobe Valley Authority to support workers and their families in the transition.

The Worker Transition Service connects workers and their families to the right services to give them the skills, training, information and personal support they need to take up new employment opportunities, start their own business, move into retirement or adjust to a significant change in life circumstances.

All employees of Hazelwood, including contractors, supply chain employees and their family members, have access to the Worker Transition Service.

More information about Latrobe Valley assistance and how to access services

Auto workers

Jobs Victoria works as one aspect of a coordinated Victorian Government effort to support ex-automotive workers affected by transition in the industry.

Skills and Jobs Centres are the central coordination point for all information and referrals of automotive workers to Victoria Government support and assistance.

Unemployed workers retrenched from the automotive manufacturing industry are eligible to access Jobs Victoria services. Eligible participants will primarily be workers retrenched from businesses in the auto supply chain and those retrenched workers who lack assistance from their employer or other services.

Skills and Jobs Centres refer ex-automotive workers to Job Victoria for support in finding and keeping new employment.

More information about support for auto workers

Skills and Jobs Centres

Local Industry Fund for Transition

The Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) is part of the Victorian Government's Towards Future Industries: Victoria's Automotive Transition Plan, which aims to support workers, communities and businesses affected by the closure of large-scale passenger manufacturing in the state.

LIFT aims to create sustainable jobs and contribute to the economic development of Melbourne's North, West, South-East and the Geelong region. This will be achieved through supporting capital investment by businesses located, or wishing to locate, operations in these areas, to build each region's economic base and create sustainable jobs.

More information about LIFT and how to apply

Business in Transition Support

The Business in Transition Support (BiTS) program is designed to help reduce the adverse impact of retrenchments. BiTS is open to any business or employer in Victoria currently undertaking or considering a retrenchment process.

BiTS offers business owners and managers a timely, proactive and coordinated information and referral service to assist them to:

  • ensure they understand their obligations and responsibilities regarding retrenchment of employees and are able to provide a quick response;
  • help workers to plan for their future after retrenchment, which may include training for new work opportunities; and
  • link to other agencies that may offer relevant services to the business and its employees, for example financial, health and welfare and employment agencies.

As part of the Victorian Government's 2017/187 Budget, additional funding has been approved for a new program that will continue and build on the support provided by BiTS.

More information about BiTS and how to apply