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[Title: The Jobs Victoria Youth Cadetship Scheme is a chance to give a young person a foot in the door.]

Frances Martin - A/g Director, Social and Economic Inclusion, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

[Vision: Frances speaking with in office]

The Youth Cadetship Scheme is an initiative of Jobs Victoria and it’s a fantastic opportunity to get young people who have some initial experience in the workforce a real foot in the door and some real experience in the workforce, particularly in the Victorian public sector.

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Cerrin Karpany - Cadet, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

I finished Year 12 and then I became a very young mum.  When she was going into school and I thought well now it’s time to do something for me.

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So then I got a traineeship with the Department of Environment, and that was a really good first step.

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With the cadetship it means you go into depth a little bit more.

It gives you the advantages to work in different areas.

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It’s a bonus, you get to study in a classroom which helps a lot because then you’re with other students who are there to learn and also share their ideas and opinions.

[Vision: Frances speaking]

With a cadet you’ve got a team member that hasn’t had as much experience in the workforce.

[Vision: Cerrin working at computer]

When you take on a new cadet they’re going to require more training, and that’s part of the role, the role is a training role.

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As a manager for the cadet you are really well supported by the Jobs Victoria crew.

[Vision: Frances speaking]

They are dedicated staff who are there to assist the cadet and yourself.

[Vision: Cerrin at desk speaking on the telephone]

Well, as a mum role model is the one thing that I really want to be for her.

[Vision: Cerrin speaking]

It’s really important for me to show her that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want to do.

[Vision: Frances speaking]

So when you’re interested in getting a cadet, Jobs Victoria goes out and actually provides you with a set.

We had a really great range of cadets who came from a whole range of different life experiences.

And one of the things that we’re really looking for is more organisations and teams to take on new cadets, and for people to consider, if you’ve got a position or a business need, could that be filled by a cadet?

Could you give someone that opportunity?

And could you bring that value to your team?

[Vision: Frances speaking with Cerrin at desk - Cerrin speaking]

I think I’ve got a lot of development to go which is why I’m doing the cadetship, pretty much to learn everything a step at a time and hopefully being a manager will one day come.

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