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The $500 million Working for Victoria initiative is helping Victorian jobseekers find work and employers find workers. This includes people who have lost their jobs and businesses who need workers due to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Working for Victoria is part of the Victorian Government’s $1.7 billion Economic Survival Package.

How do jobseekers access the program?

The Working for Victoria online jobs platform connects workers with new job opportunities and access to online training.

Jobseekers are eligible to participate in Working for Victoria if they have Australian working rights.

Jobseekers may need to update their skills to be able to work in an area that is now hiring or likely to be in the future. To assist with this, Working for Victoria facilitates online training to help jobseekers get the skills they need.

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How do employers access the program?

Working for Victoria works with employers to identify their business needs and help find jobseekers across Victoria with the right skills and experience.

Employers can use Working for Victoria to access a labour pool for new jobs and recruitment services, including jobs matching. In some cases, assistance may also be available to create new roles that help Victoria respond to coronavirus (COVID-19).

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What are the features of the Working for Victoria initiative?

Working for Victoria is investing across Victorian communities and sectors to create jobs and improve the skills of jobseekers.

Working for Victoria online jobs platform

Working for Victoria has commissioned Sidekicker to deliver an online jobs platform which allows jobseekers to find work and access online training. It also helps employers find people ready to work with the skills and experience to meet their needs.

The Big Victorian Harvest – seasonal workforce support

Victoria’s agriculture industry relies on seasonal workers during harvest season.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in a shortage of workers this year and thousands of summer farm jobs need to be filled.

The Victorian Government has provided a $17 million package to support farmers and encourage local workers to help take on the Big Victorian Harvest.

There is free training to help you get started in seasonal work, and jobs around the state are available now. Register on our online jobs platform, or visit Agriculture Victoria to find out more.

Employers can register to find workers on the online jobs platform. If you need extra support, Agriculture Victoria’s Seasonal Workforce Coordinators can help with your workforce needs. Find out more on the Agriculture Victoria website.

Building Works

Building Works is the Victorian Government’s $2.7 billion initiative to support projects and create jobs. All Building Works tenderers are required to find new employees through Working for Victoria in the first instance.

Building Works is supported by the Victorian Government’s Local Jobs First policy. This policy:

  • ensures local small and medium size enterprises get a full and fair opportunity to compete for large and small government contracts
  • helps create job opportunities, including for apprentices, trainees and cadets.