Wyndham is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Victoria.  Overall, Wyndham’s population is younger and more diverse than Greater Melbourne.  The area also has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the state. Community Revitalisation projects are being designed to make a difference.

It is home to a higher proportion of refugees and migrants from African, Myanmar and South Pacific, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities than the rest of Victoria; groups that often face barriers to employment through social disadvantage.

The Community Revitalisation program is delivering improved economic and social cohesion for young people and their families in Werribee and Tarneit.

The Werribee and Tarneit Fresh Start project is supporting the City of Wyndham’s Youth Service in partnership with Wyndham Community and Education Centre to deliver this mentoring, capability building and leadership program.

Community Revitalisation in Dandenong and Doveton

Community Revitalisation in Flemington

Community Revitalisation in Broadmeadows, Campbellfield and Meadow Heights

Community Revitalisation in Shepparton

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