Jobs Victoria advocate talking to a jobseeker

The Victorian Budget 2020/21 has invested a record $619.4 million to provide jobseekers with the information, advice and support they need to get back to work through an expanded Jobs Victoria. As part of this investment, the Victorian Government will establish a network of Jobs Victoria Advocates in local communities.

Jobs Victoria Advocates will support jobseekers in their communities. Advocates will assist Victorians who need help with finding work, or who are struggling with the impact of unemployment, to find the information, advice and additional support they need.

Advocates will connect with people in libraries, community centres, public housing foyers, shopping centres, other community services and may also go to people’s homes in some locations to ensure everyone is aware of support available.

Jobs Victoria Advocates will complement other Jobs Victoria initiatives to be implemented in 2021.

Program guidelines

Jobs Victoria Advocates Guidelines PDF, 269.4 KB
Jobs Victoria Advocates Guidelines DOC, 90.0 KB

Applications are now closed

Applications for funding to deliver the Jobs Victoria Advocates program have closed. The department expects to contact organisations who have applied for funding from late January 2021 regarding the status of their application.

If you have questions about the process please contact