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[Vision: Patricia tidying up tools - close-up of Patricia]

Patricia Carylon - Cleaner & Civil Construction Trainee, ACE Training, Ballarat

I was a wayward child from when I was 14-15 years old.

Mum couldn’t control me.

Then about two and half years ago I went through paranoid schizophrenia.

[Vision: Patricia speaking]

I did a fair bit of damage to myself, my life and my family.

I had become very destructive, got more charges stacked against me.

It’s just trying to deal with the voices in your head, it’s just, it’s hard, you can’t do two things at once.

[Vision: John training Patricia at workbench]

I had homelessness.

I had mental illness.

I had no teeth which didn’t help my cause at all, and a criminal record.

June Harper - Jobs Victoria Mentor, FGM Consultants

Trish started off with huge barriers.

[Vision: Close up of tools in workshop]

They have to want to change and she just wanted that change.

[Vision: Patricia tidying up tools - Patricia speaking]

Well, since I was 14-15, you know, you don’t think back like when you’re stealing a pack of chips from the shops, you’re not thinking about, oh well, I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

You’re just thinking oh, all right, this is free.

But once you’ve got that first criminal conviction when you’re 14 or 15, it never goes away.

So you get a bit older and you’re just like, oh well, what’s the point, like, what’s the point in changing my ways now?

I just always managed to get myself into trouble, yep.

[Vision: John training Patricia at workbench]

The magistrate said to me, he goes, “We’ve done this before.”

He said, “You’ve been on corrections orders before and they’ve not worked.”

[Vision: Patricia speaking]

He says to me, “I’m going to try something different.”

He goes, “I’m going to give you a drug and alcohol rehab order.”

Honestly it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

[Vision: John training Patricia at workbench]

I got linked into a few different programs at the start of the year which is how I got out of homelessness.

Ballarat Community Health, they took me on as a client for my mental health issues.

[Vision: Patricia speaking]

Corrections also linked me in with FGM.

[Vision: June smiling for camera]

I got linked up with June and, yeah, away we went.

[Vision: John, Patricia and June posing for camera - June speaking - Patricia driving a forklift]

It’s giving them choice, but it’s always their choice, and we look at what the future could look like.

And then we look at what skills they might have or where they might go.

[Vision: Patricia speaking]

And she said to me, “Oh, just come down with me to ACE Training, I have to sort something out.”

I said, “Yeah, okay, no worries.”

[Vision: Earthmoving equipment in operation]

I came down, had a look, seen the earthmoving equipment going, and I just looked at it and I said I want to do that.

[Vision: Patricia driving earthmoving equipment - Patricia speaking]

So, I signed up for the next course and I was three weeks in and my trainer turned around and gave me a call and said, “Do you want a job?”

I asked him what was it doing and he said, “Cleaning.”

I said, “Yes, yes please.”

[Vision: Patricia cleaning workshop]

They said, “When can you start?”

I said, “Now.”

John Curtis - Senior Manager and Trainer, ACE Training Ballarat

She enjoys the work and she’s actually good at it.

[Vision: Patricia driving earthmoving equipment]

I feel like being able to use the machinery and train on it makes a world of difference.

A lot of people do come from is a lack of confidence.

[Vision: John speaking]

So it’s a matter of concentrating on the positives and taking small steps with the whole process.

[Vision: Patricia speaking - close-up of stop sign, forklift operating sign and workshop]

If I don’t end up in a job on the forklift long-term, I’d like to try and find an apprenticeship in diesel mechanics.

I’d like to be able to fix the machines if I’m not confident enough to drive them.

[Vision: June speaking]

The program and the opportunities Jobs Victoria gives, helps change those lives.

[Vision: Patricia smiling]

Jobs Vic offered to fit me with some new dentures.

It’s rebuilt my self-esteem.

I don’t feel so ashamed going for job interviews.

[Vision: Patricia speaking - Patricia driving earthmoving equipment]

It was pretty cool the other day that I was able to walk into a bookshop and just buy my kids’ books, walk into Coles, and you know, instead of scrounging together for milk and bread, just having a bit of freedom back.

[Vision: Patricia speaking]

Between the working and being a bit financially better off, and having my licence back, I feel like I’ve got my life back.

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