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John Condilis - Managing Director, Nobody Denim

[Vision:  Nobody Denim coat hangers]

Nobody Denim have been around since ’99.

[Vision:  Nobody Denim jeans hanging on rack]

It’s a family-owned business.

[Vision:  Completed jeans folded on shelves]

It’s all manufactured in Australia.

[Vision:  Signature24/7 neon sign - John Condilis speaking]

We currently employ 85 people last count.

[Vision:  John Condilis inspecting jeans - John Condilis speaking]

Six months ago I actually woke up in the middle of the night and I had this scary thought, going where are we going?

What is going on?

Where is industry?

Where are the opportunities?

Where are the skills?

[Vision:  Nobody Denim signage on factory]

I did have a contact in Vic Gov which I reached out to her and said, look this is my situation.

[Vision:  John Condilis speaking]

I need to find skills and it’s becoming more and more difficult.

So she introduced me to Jobs Victoria.

[Vision:  Christopher Batterham grinding jeans under John Condilis’ supervision]

And I was a bit sceptical at first what’s out there to be quite honest.

[Vision:  John Condilis and staff member being shown method he needs to use - John Condilis speaking]

But through working with the guys at Jobs Victoria, they introduced me to other groups, and created this let’s get together and make it happen, and we did.

Christopher Batterham - Jean Grinder, Nobody Denim

[Vision:  Christopher Batterham grinding jeans - Christopher talking with John]

I had a mate and he introduced me to the Wyndham Community and Education Centre and they helped me get the job here, organised the planned trip to meet John and everyone.

[Vision:  Christopher Batterham grinding jeans]

They had that passion and determination.

[Vision:  Staff member grinding jeans]

It’s that skillset going, okay, can I do this?

[Vision:  Staff member working with jeans - John Condilis speaking]

And that, yeah, I can do this; and just taking that right approach.

[Vision:  Christopher Batterham and staff member in factory - John Condilis speaking]

By creating a diverse community within our organisation it gives a thriving environment.

[Vision:  Christopher Batterham grinding jeans - Christopher Batterham speaking]

Now I’m out here grinding jeans for Beyoncé, Miranda Kerr, you know, I never would have thought, you know, I’d get anything like that.

[Vision:  Close-up of grinding jeans]

We’re working with some good people.

[Vision:  Christopher Batterham speaking]

Everyone’s really friendly, and yeah, it’s been good so far.

[Vision:  John Condilis supervising Christopher Batterham grinding jeans - John and other staff member being shown method needed to use]

You only know what you know, and unless you go out there and explore you’ll never be able to overcome hurdles and obstacles.

[Vision:  John Condilis speaking]

To everyone out there just ask.

Ask what is out there, ask for help, you never know.

[Looking for staff?  We can help.  Visit for information and support]

[JOBS VICTORIA / Working for all Victorians]


[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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