Video Transcript


  1. Man in orange high-vis shirt - "There were times when I thought there was just no hope … you've got to reach out for support."
  2. Man in orange high-vis shirt walking away from camera - looking at camera.
  3. Man in high-vis jacket walking towards camera.
  4. Man with clipboard and high-vis jacket talking with woman - "The level of support our business has received from Jobs Victoria makes this program very much worthwhile."
  5. Man in high-vis jacket standing in front of recycling truck.
  6. Young man walking through police carpark.
  7. Young man seated at a table talking with police officer - "I think it would be good to be an Aboriginal police officer … good for the community."
  8. Young man smiling.
  9. Two women talking to each other.
  10. Young woman making bed - "This program really helped me.  It's good not to give up.  Work hard and keep going."
  11. Young woman smiling.
  12. Man in high-vis yellow shirt and khaki work pants walking along a weir.
  13. Man in high-vis yellow shirt and khaki work pants - "I love being outdoors, looking after the land … Jobs Victoria programs have really helped me get this job."
  14. Man in high-vis yellow shirt and khaki work pants gardening.
  15. Young woman in office, walking.
  16. Young woman in office - "I'm proud to be working in government at my age … and I'm also getting the chance to study."
  17. Young woman writing.
  18. Young woman smiling and laughing.

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